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Nostradamus, Obama and the End of the World in 2012

Google “Obama”, “Antichrist”, 2012… and I predict you will get a massive number of hits. There are circulating on the worldwide web some really idiotic but also possibly dangerous rumours, featuring Nostradamus, Barack Obama, Antichrist III and the End of the World (2012). The theories are extremely silly, undoubtedly. But they get quite dangerous too when you think of the idiots who might be taking some action, just because of that sort of rumours. They created already an “Osama Obama Shotgun Pool” in Maine, because they just KNOW Obama is the AntiChrist (his name rhymes with Osama, says Mister Arkwriter).

And then there are video’s like this one… 

Take the last two letters from “Obama” and the first three of “Bush” and you get “Mabus”. Some self-declared experts say that “Mabus” is the name of the guy who, according to the 16th century prophet Nostradamus, would be the third Antichrist (after Pau Nay Oloron who was Napoleon, and Hister who was Hitler). Now, I really don’t understand why Obama has to be the Antichrist. Why can’t it be George W. Bush? Or, for that matter, Osama bin Laden? You’ll get also a “Mabus” if you combine the names “Osama” and “Bush”! Okay, Osama or George W. Bush are not living in Chicago and Barack Obama is… and what is the zipcode of Chicago? 60606! Eliminate the zero’s and you get 666, the Number of the Beast! It’s that simple, really.

There is only one minor problem with this whole theory: Nostradamus has never said a Mr. Mabus will be the Antichrist. In Century 2, Quatrain 62 he states that “when Mabus will die”, there will be “a horrible undoing of people and animals”. That’s all, folks.

Interesting footnote in the Mabus=Antichrist Hoax: the former Governor of Mississippi, Ray Mabus, served in the Clinton era as U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and is working now as Obama’s adviser on Middle Eastern issues. This leads other Nostradamiacs to speculate about the assassination of Mr. Mabus, working somewhere in the Middle East in the Obama Administration, which could fuel a horrible counter-attack by Obama. Quatrain 62 mentions “a vengeance” and “a comet”, and of course this comet has to be the nuclear missile that will start the Final Countdown to an apocalyptic World War III!

Still not convinced that Nostradamus tells you Bad Shit Will Happen when Obama goes to the White House? Okay, then listen to this argument… Barack Obama is the first Black President in the White House, am I right or am I right? And who is described as “black in attribute”? The Man in Black, Johnny Cash? Yeah, but he is no longer among us… The Men in Black, coming from Outer Space? No, my dear friends, let the aliens out of it and let’s talk about Satan, who will now take over the White Mansion, also known as Heaven! He will be there until 2012, and who said the world would end in 2012? Nostradamus, indeed!

There is only one minor problem with this theory… During the nineties, you could read everywhere that, according to Nostradamus, the world would come to an end in 1999: “In the year 1999 and seven months, from the sky will come a great and frightening King.” In his book “The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus”, published in 1999, Ned Halley stated that the Apocalypse didn’t need to be a military one. It also could be “industrial competition from booming China, a new flu epidemic similar to the catastrophic pandemic of 1918 (…) or revolution against the Communist regime (of China).”

There was the usual bad shit happening, but did there some really Very Bad & Apocalyptic **** happen? In China? In 1999? No, it did not. And why not? Well, Nostradamus simply didn’t see Apocalyptic Bad **** happen in 1999. He didn’t see it in 2012 either. His prophecies go to 3797!

Did Nostradamus see the nearly Apocalyptic Bad **** of 9/11 happen then? No, he did not. The famous quatrain attributed to him, about a “great thunder” that would be heard in the “City of God”, with “two brothers torn apart by Chaos” and a “third big war” that would begin when “the big city was burning”, was invented by a college student. Neil Marshall was his name and he wanted to demonstrate how a Nostradamus-like quatrain could be interpreted in so many ways as there were interpreters.

Did Nostradamus predict the election of Barack Obama, the first Black President in the White House? Professor Eugene Randell, Deputy Director of the Smithsonian Institution Archives, declared that the Institute was holding some very rare Nostradamus manuscripts. One previously unreleased quatrain spoke about a “great empire” that would be “torn from limb” and a “great power given to the dark one from slaves come”. The lines were eagerly copied and pasted on numerous blogs and websites, but all these “believers” forgot to mention (or didn’t know) that the original article was published by “The Daily Squib”, the World’s Finest (Satirical) News Source.

Professor Eugene Randell did not exist and the previously unreleased quatrain definitely was a hoax.

Source: Nostradamus, the Black President and the End of the World in 2012

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