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The Lovers of The Isle of Demons | Trifter

Located at the savage northern extremity of Newfoundland, Isle of Demons was reputedly inhabited by wild beasts, mythological creatures and evil spirits. The first to give a detailed description of it was a French Franciscan friar, AndrĂ© Thevet. Sailors had told him tales of how they had heard there "a great clamor of men’s voices, confused and inarticulate"…

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In 1555, Thevet sailed the entire coast of North and South America far north as Bacalaos or Codfish Land, as Newfoundland then was called. Upon his return, in 1558, he published in Antwerp an account of his travels, stating that he had set foot on “Isola des Demonias”, and that he had seen how malicious the demons were. He warded them off by repeating the Gospel of Saint John.

This “Isle of Demons” could well be Quirpon Island, located in the icy strait between Labrador and Newfoundland, where French sailors would not go ashore without crucifixes in their hands, because the island was inhabited by devils.

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