Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ten Historical Mysteries by Auron Renius

Auron Renius enjoys reading and writing about all aspects of history, in which he holds a degree (he holds a second degree black belt in Shotokan karate too). His interests range from ancient times to modern day, from so-called “alternative history” to all sorts of myths and legends… and martial arts of course. His Master Jack “Edutainment for the Masses” Blog is a jewel of content and design. Here are ten of my favorite articles, written by Auron Renius aka Master Jack...

Archaeologists Find Suspected Vampire in Italy
An archaeological excavation of mass graves of plague victims on the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo near Venice, Italy found the first example ever discovered of a suspected vampire.

The History of the Bikini
Although the word 'bikini' has only been in existence since 1946, the two-piece swimsuit that it represents has been around much longer, at least since around 1600 BC.

The Science of Alchemy
Contrary to popular belief, the science of alchemy was not simply about turning base metals into gold but had various aspects that influenced many areas of our lives.

Christopher Columbus and the Genocide of the Taino Nation
Christopher Columbus is well known for discovering the New World and is seen as a hero of medieval exploration by many scholars today. However, what many text books fail to mention is the fact that he was a genocidal maniac who set in motion what would become probably the worst case of genocide imposed on one nation of human beings by another.

The Origins of the Myth of the Werewolf
The werewolf is a mythical creature that appears in European culture as far back as the times of the ancient Greeks. The culprit was believed to transform into a wolf or a ‘wolf-man', an affliction either brought about by a curse or through the use of magic.


Walter Tull was one of the first professional black footballers and the first black officer in the British army. One of Britain’s forgotten heroes, his life story is now coming out of obscurity and he is beginning to gain the recognition he deserves for his contributions to black, football and military history.

From the medieval period to the modern, the Samurai sword has evoked fascination amongst warriors and laymen alike and was believed by the Samurai to be joined to his soul. When a child was born to a warrior, a sword was present during delivery and on his death, a Samurai word be buried with his trusted weapon by his side, ready to serve him again in the after life.

An area that was formally an island in central Mexico has recently been discovered by archaeologists who believe it was used for ritualistic purposes. The island called Apupato, belonged to the Tarascan Empire, which dominated much of the area from around 1400 AD up to the arrival of the European conquerors in 1520.

The largest Anglo-Saxon hoard of gold ever found was discovered in July 2009 by metal detector enthusiast Terry Herbert. The 1,300 year old treasure was discovered in a field near the town of Burntwood in central England and contained over 1,500 scattered gold and silver artefacts.

It is generally accepted that pyrotechnology or the manipulation of fire began in Europe around 25,000 years ago, however new evidence has come to light that may suggest it began in South Africa 50,000 years earlier.

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