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Merlin’s Doomsday Prophecies | Socyberty

In the medieval Prophecies of Merlin, written by Geoffrey of Monmouth who was in the higher orders of the Catholic Church, we find an apocalyptic vision which doesn’t draw substantially upon the Book of Revelation - as could be expected - but on an ancient Celtic tradition. Probably Geoffrey has rewritten the traditional verses declaimed by a Welsh or Breton bard and ascribed to Merlin, and mixed them with Greek astrology. But this type of astrology is quite different of the modern calculations and rigid patterns that are used today. In this vision, the seer has seen the breakdown of the solar system, with special emphasis upon the role of Orion and the Pleiades - but the End of the World has not to be expected in 2012...

Merlin reads his Prophecies to King Vortigern: Image via Wikipedia

Root & Branch shall change place
and the Newness of the Thing shall pas as a Miracle
and the Brightness of the Sun shall fade at the Amber of Mercury
and Horror shall seize the Beholders
and Stilbon of Arcadia shall change his Shield
and the Helmet of Mars shall call Venus & make Shadow
and the Rage of Mercury shall exceed his Orbit
and Iron Orion shall unsheathe his Sword
and the Marine Phoebus shall torment the Clouds
and Jupiter shall go out of his Lawful Paths
and Venus forsake her Appointed Circuits
and the Malignity of the Star Saturn shall slay Mankind with a Crooked Sickle
and the Twelve Houses of the Stars shall lament the Irregular Excursions of Their Inmates
and the Gemini shall omit Their Usual Embrace
and the Gemini shall call Aquarius to the Fountains
and the Scales of Libra shall hang awry till Aries puts his Crooked Horns under them
and the Tail of Scorpio shall produce Lightning
and Cancer quarrel with the Sun
and Virgo shall mount upon the Back of Sagittarius and darken her Virgin Flowers
and the Chariot of the Moon shall disorder the Zodiac
and the Pleiades shall break forth into Weeping.

No offices of Janus shall return hereafter,
but His Gate shall be shut and lie hidden in the Depths of Ariadne
and the Seas shall rise up in the Twinkling of an Eye,
and the Dusts of the Ancients be restored
and the Four Winds shall fight together with a Dreadful Blast
and their Sound shall reach the Stars.

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Merlin’s Doomsday Prophecies | Socyberty

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