Saturday, December 26, 2009

Robin Hood, Maid Marion and the Outlaws of Sherwood Forest... the Amazing Truth Behind the Legends and Myths

Robin Hood's legacy

One of the most legendary and well known characters from all over the world is Robin Hood, whose exploits have been described in books, films, TV shows, even computer games. But what is the truth about this man of mystery? Russell Crowe plays the fictional movie character in an exciting manner, but the real Robin Hood is still far more exciting than any fantastical Hollywood Film.

"Did Robin Hood, Maid Marion and the Outlaws really exist? Where did these tales originate from? What is the amazing truth to the Legend and Myth?" These are the fascinating questions raised in a new film of best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker Philip Gardiner...

Traveling back thousands of years to unlock the mystery and the myth, Philip Gardiner takes us on an amazing journey into the heart of the timeless tale of the Hooded Man.  This film was shot on location in Sherwood Forest, England - which is the very same place that Robin Hood and his band are said to have called their headquarters. Gardiner is joined by a cast of real life outlaws including the present day Robin Hood and Maid Marion. The dramatic reconstructions, amazing special effects and beautiful music, produced by James Earnshaw and his band No Redemption, turn this film into a must see for all fans of real life adventure and fantasy.

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