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True History of The Babes in The Wood | Socyberty

English folklore claims this story as its own but it is actually more than 1200 years old and originates from the Middle East. The fairy tale about the babes in the wood is familiar to many people but there are some very ancient, historically based versions of the same story.

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The life of Sammu-rammat, the most powerful woman in Mesopotamian history. (Mespotamia is the name given to the ancient lands that lay between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates), is the well documented source of the children’s  fairy story.
Greek historian Herodotus told the story of Sammu-rammat who was born around 800BC and married Shamsi-Adad V, the King of Assyria. When the King, her husband died in 812BC, she took the role of regent for her son who was too young to rule as King, establishing and building strong political and economic bonds between the neighbouring countries of Babylon and Assyria.

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True History of The Babes in The Wood | Socyberty 

by Louie Jerome

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