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5 Ways Sex Changed History - Road Tickle

Sex is an incredible force, if you doubt that just ask anyone who’s ever created a commercial, no matter what the product is it’s guaranteed that sex will sell it. Some would even argue that the internet developed so quickly because of all the p**n you can download, but we prefer to believe the internet grew because of funny list articles. Anyhow, if you still don’t believe that sex is influencing your life, consider these historic events that were a direct result of sex.

1.The Fall of the Aztec Empire

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When Cortez and his handful of conquistadors arrived in South America they encountered one of the most war-loving empires in the history of human kind. Although the Spanish had guns and horses the sheer numbers and blood-lust of Aztec soldiers should have easily defeated them. However Cortez and his men had two incredible lucky breaks. First of all the Aztec people considered the conquistadors to be sent by the gods, and secondly Cortez met La Malinche or Dona Maria as she is also known.
While history has little clear information on La Malinche, we do know that she was a slave given to the Spanish as an offering. Cortez liked her so much that he took her as his personal mistress and the two fell in love. Cortez taught her Spanish and the woman soon became his main way of communicating with the Aztecs.
Even more interesting she was the one who helped the Spanish reach the capital city of Tenochtitlan and repeatedly saved them from ambushes. In fact, in almost all stories written by the conquistadors, the Spanish men mention time and time again how without her aid the conquest of Mexico would have failed.
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5 Ways Sex Changed History - Road Tickle

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