Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Mystery of the Oak Island Money Pit

The Oak Island Money Pit was discovered in 1795, by a young man, named Daniel McGinnis. Daniel had gone on a fishing trip and wound up exploring Oak Island. During his exploration he found a tree that had strange markings on it. In fact, the tree looked as if it had been used to anchor a pulley device. He also noticed sunken earth beneath the tree. Daniel decided to return to Oak Island the following day, with two friends and some tools for digging. They began to dig at the site and soon realized that they had found something quite interesting. That something would come to be known as the Oak Island Money Pit.
The first thing that Daniel and his two friends discovered was a layer of carefully placed flagstones. This was followed by a layer of logs. The hole and its components eventually proved too much for the young men and their simple tools and so they returned home empty-handed. They decided that they would have to return to the site. However they did not return to the Oak Island Money Pit for another eight or nine years.
The trio eventually joined up with a local man who was willing to fund the digging at Oak Island. When Daniel and the group returned, they found the Money Pit exactly as they had left it. When they began digging again, they discovered even more layers of logs and they also found layers of putty and coconut fiber.

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         by Shelly Barclay

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