Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Masterpiece of Deception

  by Ruby Hawk 

This masterpiece of deception beats all masterpieces of deception. Adolf Hitler who was the truest master of deception was deceived by the Allies during World War Two so thoroughly that Germany lost the war. This deception was the simplest plot of warfare ever conceived and the most effective. It saved the lives of thousands of Allies and won the war. Thanks to Dr. R.V. Jones, a physicist attached to British Intelligence.

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The masterpiece of deception that won World War Two was the most incredible hoax ever perpetrated in the history of warfare. It was due to the idea of Dr .R.V. Jones, a Physicist attached to MI-6, a section of British Intelligence. Dr. Jones had learned to use tiny metal strips attacked to balloons to disrupt Nazi radar. On D-day June 6, 1944 this deception had Hitler’s best divisions waiting miles away on the other side of the Seine River in France waiting for a phantom Army that never showed up. For D-Day, the Allies blocked German radar except along Pas de Calais. They filled the radar screens with false impressions of approaching planes and ships, all created by Jones and his assistants with tiny strips of foil.

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