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Nostradamus and The Lost Crown Prince | Socyberty

A number of Nostradamus’ quatrains can be interpreted as a prophecy about the sad fate that would befall the French King and Queen, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, during the French Revolution. And some of them even focus especially on the fate of their son Louis Charles, "le dauphin", the Crown Prince of France…

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The greatest prophet of all times did not hide his sympathy for the Catholic Church and the French monarchy. It should therefore not come as a surpise that the prophecies of Nostradamus inspired certain monarchistic organisations, many of whom surfaced during and even before the Revolution. One of these groups – which could be labelled a sect – originated as early as 1722, when John the Baptist appeared to one Loiseaut. John, who had also lost his head, predicted to Loiseaut “blood, thunder and the decapitation of kings”. He therefore addressed Loiseaut in almost precisely the same words as Nostradamus had previously used in his famous quatrain 20 of the ninth century, in which he foresaw the escape of the royal family and their arrest in Varennes.

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Nostradamus and The Lost Crown Prince | Socyberty

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