Thursday, October 07, 2010

China Sees an Increase in U.f.o. Sightings | Socyberty

The recent U.F.O sightings in China could be motherships…

China has been experiencing a new wave of U.F.O sightings. Among recent sightings as of July a photography student said, that the U.F.O.s were flat and tubular. According to the Epoch Times, these sightings are predicted to be on the upswing. I wonder how on earth, that they could make such claims, unless apparently the idea is there will be copycat sightings, or of course the theory, that Wang Sichao a researcher of these anomalies claims a pattern. The pattern being U.F.O’s appearing in years ending with 1 ,2, and 7.

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China Sees an Increase in U.f.o. Sightings

by cassandra antares 

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