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Joan of Arc’s Homeland: Domremy and Vaucouleurs | Trifter

Around Nancy in Lorraine, let us discover the homeland of Joan of Arc where her heroic epos began.

Monument to the glory of Joan of Arc, statue by Halbout du Tannay (1951) erected in 1966.  Image credit:

Domrémy was a border town in the Middle-Ages, surrounded by ramparts. As it became a “Royal Town” in 1365, it was governed in the name of the King of France by the Lord Robert de Baudricourt. This is when Joan of Arc, a young peasant aged 16, came and talked to this governor on  May 13, 1428 and stated she was the only person capable of delivering France from the British. Baudricourt just laughed and ordered the young girl be taken back to his father “with a good slap in her face”.

However, Joan of Arc proclaiming her mission,gained the people little by little, to such extent that the inhabitants of Vaucouleurs  clubbed together in order to raise money and buy her a horse and equipment. In front of this movement of opinion, Baudricourt, staggered and much impressed by the news of the defeat of Dunois on February 12, 1429 given to him by Joan of Arc on the same day, finally granted Joan an escort of six men to meet the King in Chinon. Dressed as a man, her hair cut, Joan left Vaucouleurs through the “Porte de France”, on February 23, 1429, greeted with the cowd cheers…
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Joan of Arc’s Homeland: Domremy and Vaucouleurs | Trifter

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