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Karl Wilhelm Naundorff: The One and Only True Crown Prince of France? | Socyberty

In 1833, farmer Thomas Martin – who had strange visions about the French monarchy – once again went to Paris. He was convinced that Louis XVII, the son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, beheaded during the French Revolution, was still alive. This man was the one and only true Crown Prince of France… Part One of a Naundorff Biography!

Karl Wilhelm Naundorff, Image via Wikipedia
“Shortly before the return of the orphan out of the Temple there will appear several impostors,” the voice of the Archangel Raphael had told the poor farmer (see also: Thomas Martin and the Archangel Raphael). And indeed, in one month, the police had arrested three pretenders to the throne.
The number of people that claimed to be Louis XVII could no longer be recorded. One of them was a Prussian field marshal in Russian service, one a transvestite operating in Versailles, one a reverend from the United States. Many of them claimed that the pope had burnt a “sign of the Holy Spirit” on their thigh, and at least one of them lowered his trousers to reveal publicly the evidence in support of his claim. Some were pretenders even though they did not want to be, such as a child that was forced to act out the role of the dauphin. Several others had spent time in prison or had escaped from mental asylums.
The fourth pretender to the throne of the month of August 1833 was in Paris. In the early morning of September 3, Thomas Martin arrived at the bookshop Bricon, where “the Prince” was lodging.
“He is still resting,” the bookshop owner said.Martin did not heed that advice. As a farmer, he was accustomed to rising early. He walked into the room of the prince, who looked at his visitor half asleep. Then he reached out his hands and shouted: “My dear Martin!”
“It’s him! It’s him!” the farmer yelled.
Both men embraced and cried with emotion. “It really is him,” Martin repeated time and again. “The person that I saw in my vision, together with several other kings! The son of Louis XVI! It really is him!”
This pretender to the throne was named Karl Wilhelm Naundorff
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Karl Wilhelm Naundorff: The One and Only True Crown Prince of France? | Socyberty

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