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Bourbon Prince & Princess – Triond article series by Lucas Dié

Louis XVII - Naundorff

The Changeling Bourbon Princess (Part One)
Princess Marie-Thérèse of France was born the daughter of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. Together with her parents and her brother Louis XVII, she was imprisoned by the republicans in the Temple. Her half-sister Ernestine wasn’t imprisoned, though, and added her own puzzle to the French Revolution.

The Changeling Bourbon Princess (Part Two)
The Descendants of Louis Xvii of France
Louis XVII would have been King of France after the beheading of his father Louis XVI but for the fact that France was a Republic at the time. He died while imprisoned in Paris; or maybe he didn’t. The case is puzzling to this day, and conflicting evidence is offered from any likely or unlikely source.

Louis XVII, Marie-Thérèse, and The Usual Suspects
While discussing the possibilities and impossibilities of exchanging Royal offspring in times of turmoil is amusing, it doesn’t bring you much further. What you accept as possible is your point of view. Looking at the usual suspects, though, might give you some new ideas as to whether it should have been done or not.

What If Karl Wilhelm Naundorff Would Now be Accepted as Louis XVII?
Karl Wilhelm Naundorff was the most successful of the claimants to Louis XVII identity. We know, he married and had children whose descendants are alive today. What would be the consequence if Naundorff’s identity as Louis XVII could be established without doubt?
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