Saturday, December 04, 2010

Saint Denis Basilica French Royal Necropolis

The Kings and Queens of France were buried under the Gothic vaults of this sumptuous basilica. The mausoleum of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette appears here in the colorful atmosphere of stained glass windows.

Situated within only a few kilometers North of Paris, the magnificent Gothic basilica of Saint Denis is closely linked to the history of French monarchy.

Everything begins with the relics of Saint Denis and his companions Rustique and Eleuthere deposited in the abbey church in 630. The basilica was renovated and transformed through the centuries until the XIIIth century. The most important changes were made in 1140 by Abbot Suger, inaugurating the Gothic Style full of architectural innovations and quickly imitated in many churches and cathedrals at the same time. The stained glass windows let the « lux mirabilis » (the miraculous light) as Suger said, abundantly invade the nave, transepts and choir. King Saint Louis gave the church its final appearance and gothic harmony.
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Saint Denis Basilica French Royal Necropolis | Quazen

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