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Thomas Martin and The Archangel Raphael

Shortly after Napoleon went to Waterloo, a man wearing a yellow overcoat and a high hat appeared to a farmer, one Thomas Martin from Gallardon near Chartres. Thomas Martin had been working his field; the mysterious stranger told him he had to warn Louis XVIII, because the life of the French king was in great danger. Then, the mysterious figure ascended to heaven…

Allegory of Louis XVIII raising France from its ruins.

At home, Martin recounted the event to his brother. Next, he asked the local priest for advice. At first, the village shepherd was not convinced of the account, but when the apparition returned the following day and Martin began to relate stories which he could not possibly have concocted himself, the priest sent his parishioner to the bishop of Versailles.The visionary was met by the bishop in January 1816. He advised Martin to ask the stranger for his name and sent the reports of the priest to the Ministry of Police. Though the apparition returned and the messages became more precise – there was something afoot and there was even a new revolution on the cards – the stranger refused to reveal his identity. Instead, Martin was urged to make contact with the king. When the time was ready, the stranger would whisper certain information to him that would convince Louis XVIII he needed to heed the warnings of this simple farmer.

In March, Martin was taken to Paris by a lieutenant of the gendarmes, where he was questioned three times. The last interrogation was held by minister Decazes himself. At the same time, the mental capacity of Martin was investigated by doctor Pinel, at the time a vested authority on the subject.

“My spiritual guide has identified himself as the archangel Raphael,” Martin told the doctor. He supported his revelation by mentioning certain details about a notorious adversary of Louis XVIII, who had recently escaped from prison. Pinel judged that it was safer to move his patient to the nearby Charenton, where he could investigate the farmer with the help of some of his colleagues. In the home for the mentally disturbed, Martin received the visit of the head chaplain of the army, on March 29. It is likely that he gave a favourable report to the king, as on April 2, a cabriolet transported Martin to the palace, where the king received him that same day.

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