Wednesday, December 22, 2010

UFO Cover-up: Why?

They’re Here   by Bill M. Tracer

Is there a government cover-up regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials in the United States, as many contend? If this is so; why? What are possible reasons for such a cover-up? Is it really “national security” or is that just an excuse?

National Security or Power Mongering?
So, if indeed the US government has been hiding the truth from its people regarding UFOs, and possible “secret” relations they might have established with extraterrestrials many years ago, or even ancient extraterrestrial artifacts found on the Moon and/or Mars, what kind of motives might they have for hiding such information? Theories abound, rumors and even a kind of modern UFO “lore” has grown up around this topic, and has found a comfortable home on the Internet, where it proliferates and constantly mutates. But how much of this UFO lore is fact and how much is fiction?

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by Bill M. Tracer 
UFO Cover-up: Why? | Socyberty

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