Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enigmatic Facts or Fortean Fantasies? | Socyberty

 by Bill M. Tracer

For as long as memory serves, the strange, the mysterious, the enigmatic has attracted my attention and excited my imagination. From my earliest days as a child, I found myself naturally gravitating toward the unexplained, the unusual; you know those unique bits of reality that conventional science just never could pin down.
Of course, most of those “conventional” type scientists don’t even try to explain this kind of stuff, except to deny its existence, or to pigeonhole it as fringe or pseudo without even really looking into any of the supportive data. As they would put it; it was swamp gas reflecting off of the planet Venus, accentuated by the distant lighthouse shining through the fog. Never mind that at the time our hypothetical “incident” took place, Venus had not yet risen into the sky, and it was a clear night in a decidedly non-swamp environment.
So they just pass it off, saying things like, “If Bigfoot’s real, then why hasn’t anyone ever found tangible evidence of one? If UFOs were real, then why haven’t they landed on the White House lawn? If secret societies really existed, wouldn’t there be whistle-blowers?”
What they fail to see is that if they bothered to actually examine the data on these subjects, they’d find there is considerable tangible evidence in every one of these cases.
Image SourceA Floating Fractal City Variation One  by Bill M. Tracer
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Enigmatic Facts or Fortean Fantasies? | Socyberty

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