Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Spirit Revolution: Recent shows

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Our most recent shows…
  February 1, 2011 show, with Patrick Bernauw, on the Mystic Lamb: Hide PlayerPlay in Popup | Download
  January 25, 2011 show, on UFOs: Hide PlayerPlay in Popup | Download
  January 11, 2011 show, with John Ritchie, on Rosslyn Chapel: Hide PlayerPlay in Popup | Download
  January 4, 2011 show, with Chris Carter, on NDEs: Hide PlayerPlay in Popup | Download
  December 28, 2010 show, with Frank Joseph, on ancient America: Hide PlayerPlay in Popup | Download

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February 1, 2011 broadcast
Patrick BernauwPatrick Bernauw is a successful Flemish author, both in fiction and non-fiction. He has specialised in mapping Belgium’s mysteries and has uncovered many hidden facets of famous world events: Nostradamus’ presence in Orval, connections to the French Revolution, and most prominently the hidden history and importance of Jan Van Eyck’s The Mystic Lamb, a painting that was to be presented for Hitler’s birthday.
Website information:
The Holy Blood of Bruges
Mysteries of the Mystic Lamb
Mysteries of the Valley of Gold

January 25, 2011 broadcast
UFOUFOs. Unidentified Flying Objects. But they have become so much more. What are they? Extra-terrestrial? Other-dimensional? Philip and Kathleen explore the various possibilities and focus on some of the more logical and often unspoken possible solutions to this mystery. We are not alone… but who are our neighbours?

January 11, 2011 broadcast
John RitchieJohn Ritchie is a native of Rosslyn and has seen both the castle and the famous Rosslyn Chapel transform over the past sixty years: from totally unknown to world famous, following the success of The Da Vinci Code. But throughout those six decades, John studied the chapel like no-one else. He recently decided to reveal his own knowledge and insights into the chapel in “Rosslyn Revealed”, a book like no other on the subject!
Website information:
Rosslyn Revealed: A Library in Stone
Philip’s book on Rosslyn Chapel
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