Sunday, June 05, 2011

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Extreme Storm Warning

Marc Adler

National Geographic's Stormageddon tells us the harsh truth about climate change that the rest of the mainstream media won't.

National Geographic’s new episode of Explorer, called Stormageddon, paints a frightening and striking picture of how climate change is destroying civilization, one that is often obfuscated in the (rest of the) mainstream media. Through interviews with climate experts and footage of the devastation wrought upon Russia and Pakistan during 2010, among others, Nat Geo shows how global warming is causing massive droughts, flooding and ice melt. The immediate future looks extremely bleak, according to the experts. But in the mass media, particularly The New York Times, such candor is hard to come about.
The Nat Geo episode documents the manner in which Russia was devastated last summer by drought. It was the hottest summer in history, causing wild fires that destroyed tens of thousands of acres of land and roughly 40 percent of the country’s wheat crop, killing 50,000 people and affecting six million lives. The effects are still being felt, as the wheat fiasco has contributed to global food shortages, which has driven up prices and played a significant role in spurring the uprisings in the Middle East.
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Extreme Storm Warning | Politics & Media |

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