Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Events of 9/11 Predicted in a Book?

Hidden Secrets of "Many, But One"
Hidden Secrets of "Many, But One"
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It sounds completely unbelievable, and yet... it seems to be true! After a lifetime of inexplicable and often terrifying contacts with the supernatural, Dr. Donald Ryles PhD was spiritually guided to encode seventeen warnings and messages concerning 9-11 in a book that was fully copyrighted 4 years before the events took place! In the pages of this book, "Many, But One" were the flight numbers of the planes used in the attacks numerologically encoded. This book also contains a vivid description of the war that followed and the feelings of the world after these horrible events.
In his book Hidden Secrets of "Many, But One", Donald Ryles takes the reader on an unforgettable two-part journey: from the terror-filled youth of the author, spent in a haunted house, through many unexplained paranormal events, to the transmission of the 17 findings in Many, But One.
The author explains each finding in detail and demonstrates from a numerologic point of view the uncanny role of the number 11 in the lives of both the author and Osama bin Laden.

The first lines of "Hidden Secrets - Many, But One":

In 2005 I was once again clairvoyantly prompted. This time what I wrote was not guided through me, but I was more in a sense "told" to write and chronicle my life story, at least the paranormal aspect of it.  Few people, including my very close friends and family, know much about my experiences, or at least they aren't aware of the true depth of them. The stories I have written are of course a very condensed version. I have had many, many more unusual events throughout my life, but for the scope of this book, which I feel the primary importance is the messages of "Many, But One", I have included a few of the more extreme cases.
     As I began to recall and write my memories down for the first time in my life, I seemingly reawakened the ghosts and demons of my past...

About Donald Ryles

For over 30 years Donald Ryles has been involved with the paranormal sciences. At a very early age he was visited "from the unknown", later he obtained an "alternative PhD in Transpersonal Counseling (Psychology)" and a Masters in Metaphysical Science. He is a certified hypnotist and paranormal investigator.
Donald Ryles says he is "very open and humorous", but also secretive about many things.
On the other hand Donald is mysterious and secretive about many things. He has a passion for technology, nature, animals, music - from heavy metal to classical - and art, "especially the beautiful and strange". He also loves Gothic style architecture, flea markets and estate sales. A few years ago he found an antique ouija board in a still sealed box... at a church fundraiser!