Friday, October 28, 2011

The Regiment that Vanished into Thin Air: Mystery Files

By Gaizy

Soldiers entrenched at Gallipoli, Turkey 1915
Source: wikimedia commons

An Unexplained Disappearance

The story I am about to relate is one of the strangest reports of World War One. It is the story of how a whole regiment which was comprised of men from the Queen of England's Royal estate, just disappeared into thin air one day in front of witnesses. It is an event which has long since been presumed to have some supernatural or paranormal cause, and remains to this day, unexplained.

The Queen's Own men

The year was 1915. The Great War had already been raging for almost two years. A coalition of British, Australian and New Zealand troops comprised the force that was landed at Gallipoli on the Dardanells in Turkey. Their mission to attack the Turks.
Amongst the fighting coalition, were 250 men and 16 officers of the Royal Norfolk Regiment. The regiment comprised of servants, grooms and gardeners from the British Royal family estate, at Sandringham in Norfolk.

Full story:
The Regiment that Vanished into Thin Air: Mystery Files

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