Friday, August 31, 2012

MK-Ultra: CIA Mind Control

Documentary on the CIA Mind Control Research, and human experiments in the United States...

The Secret History of Mind Control 

Not a conspiracy story, but hard facts...

The Plutonium Files

73 disabled children were fed oatmeal laced with radioactive isotopes, 829 pregnant women were served "vitamin cocktails"... An interview with Eileen Welsome, author of "The Plutonium Files".

Lost Secrets of the Illuminati

An award winning documentary on a "Prophecy Stone" (Lapis Exillis) that could be the Grail...

Ancient Aliens

This documentary, made in 1975,goes in search of ancient aliens, a theme made popular in those days by Erich von Däniken.

The Quest for the Holy Lance

Ancient Mysteries: The Quest for the Holy Lance

The true story of Adolf Hitler, in search of Longinus' "Lance of Destiny", 
that pierced the side of the Saviour.

The Angels of Mons


"The Angels of Mons": 

descriptive sketch set in the Great War, 1916

Sort of an audio drama about what became one of the greatest myths of the Great War...

In an Abebooks review: the true story of the creating of probably the greatest World War One Myth - "The Angels of Mons"...

The Real Zorro

I was reading about Joaquin Murrieta in "Fortuna's Daughter" written by Isabel Allende, and asked myself: "Could this have been a real person?"

Nazi Prophecies: From Nostradamus to Erik Jan Hanussen

From Nostradamus to Erik Jan Hanussen...

A reconstruction of a performance by the (Jewish) Nazi Psychic Erik Jan Hanussen.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Did Nostradamus Predict Doomsday 2012?

This is what Nostradamus wrote in the preface to his prophecies (that was, in fact, a letter to his son Ceasar): "I have composed books of prophecies (...) from now to the year 3797." - Nope, Nostradamus hasn't predicted Doomsday 2012!

Amelia Earhart: The Search Continues...

75 years after Amelia Earhart disappeared, her search continues, and now, scientists are closer than ever to uncovering the mystery of her last flight. 

Fraulein Doktor: A World War One Spy Classic

Did this mythical spy really exist? She had all the charms of Mata Hari, but was far more dangerous. Her true name? Elsbeth Scragmuller. "Fraulein Doktor" (1969) starring Suzy Kendall and Capucine doesn't tell the true, but the legendary story, for the good reason that nobody knows the true story of a real secret agent. (Complete Movie!)

WW2 Psychic Warfare: Erik Jan Hanussen, Hitler's Prophet

Erik Jan Hanussen had a very theatrical style of performance. Did he use both telepathy and psychic power? And did he really predict the fire of the Reichstag, the German Parliament? Or did he use secret information? And was he murdered for it, 4 weeks later, in the night of 24th March 1933?

Here is a Documentary Serie on Hanussen:

Erik Jan Hanussen: Hitler's Prophet

Friday, August 17, 2012

History's Mysteries: Jack The Ripper

The identity of this mythical serial killer still remains a Historical Mystery...

The UFO Mystery of Roswell

One of my favorite... hoaxes? Urban legends? No, no... Roswell is more than an urban legend, it's a Modern Myth!

A BBC Cold Case History: Stirling Man

Stirling Castle is haunted by various ghosts (the "Pink Lady" is believed to be Mary, Queen of Scots). Soldiers have reported to hear footsteps, in the 19th century one of them was found dead with a look of terror on his face. All because of the Stirling Man?

BBC-ing Edgar Allan Poe: "Love, Death and Women..."

Edgar Allan Poe, the author of fantastic mystery tales, was himself a man of mysteries...

Ancient Mysteries: Lost City of Pirates...

Always fun: a pirate tale, a sunken city, a lost treasure...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Crucified Soldier - A Tall Tale of the Great War

This Canadian sergeant, was he truly crucified near Ypres? Or was this (in)famous story invented by one of those writers, working on the Allied "Black Propaganda", such as John Buchan, author of "The 39 Steps"?

Historical Mysteries Redux Video: