Monday, September 17, 2012

Cold War Baby Blues: Wake Up Call / Killer On The Road / UFO Crash

The "Wake Up Call" MP4 was send to me by one "Chris T.", again using a mail with a YouSendIt-link where the video can be downloaded, as did before Jacky Joe with his (or her) Blue Beam Project Lectures. This makes the connection between the Blue Beam Project Lectures and what will probably grow into a "Cold War Baby Blues" Series very tight:

Full transcript and notes:

Episode 2 of Cold War Baby Blues. Seems like this "killer on the road" has listened intensely to "Riders on the Storm" (The Doors).

Full transcript and notes:

The "Cold War Baby Blues Episode 3 Video" again was sent to me by "Chris T.", and is again using footage that was taken from a video we produced.

Full transcript of the comments here:


"You just came too close, Chris T.! (...) You caught a glimpse of the truth,and in that case, they only have two options, you see... They can drive you out of your mind, or they can make you look like you're just another lunatic."

"People were talking about a UFO crash and ugly aliens who were abducting human guinea pigs and performing all sorts of gruesome experiments... And they were fornicating too, with beautiful young girls, like in the Bible, or in the Theories of David Icke... To create a Race of Humanistic But Reptilian Super Aliens on Earth... And isn't that exactly the stuff where crazy conspiracy theories are made of?"