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Nostradamus in His Own Voice (EVP) on the Lost Treasures of Orval

Is Nostradamus still in Orval, speaking to us through an EVP, about centuries old treasures and secrets?
Is Nostradamus still in Orval, 
speaking to us through an EVP, 
about centuries old treasures and secrets?

Grotere kaart weergeven

 In 2008, while doing research for a new book on the abbey of Orval (Belgium) - its mysteries, its lost treasures, and Nostradamus of course -, I made some pictures and movies of the ruins of the old abbey. I didn't use the material and forget about it; my friend Marc Borms ( had better stuff. I didn't even look or listen to the movies I made in 2008, and did this only recently, in October 2012, while cleaning up my camera.
Headphone on, I heard a faint voice, speaking French, which I didn't hear four years earlier. Was I listening to a French guide... or a monk, praying? Was there someone reading poetry? Then I recognised some words and sentences... as famous Nostradamus quatrains I had already written about, concerning a temple, a secret and a treasure, possibly situated in Orval. Could this be an example of the so-called "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" (EVP)... and the voice of Nostradamus, telling us where we should start a true treasure hunt?
Or was it simply a practical joke? A hoax?
You decide.

What Nostradamus told us:

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette:
The night falls, and through the forest of Reims
they will come, in two parts to Orval, Herne and the white stone.
Now that the monk is in Varennes, black and grey,
the choice of Capet will be the cause of storm, fire, blood, axe.
The Templars:
The soldiers who were tempted not far from the city of Antibes,
were hidden beneath the food of ruminating animals
- their arms were making noises -
and they were led to a field of herbs.
The oak tree where he used to sit, near the "field of herbs", in the abbey of Orval:
Beneath the oak tree of Gienne, struck by lightning,
not far from there the treasure is hidden,
which for many centuries has been gathered.
When found, a man shall die, the eye pierced by a spring.
The Tomb of Bernard De Montgaillard, nearby the oak tree and the field of herbs:
When the inscription D.M. will be found,
in the ancient cave, revealed by a lamp,
Law, the King and Prince Ulpian shall be troubled.
Queen and Duke are in the pavilion under cover.
What Bernard asked his brothers: to bury him "in a way they will march over and ahead":
The divine word will be struck from the sky.
Who cannot proceed any further,
to the secret closed up with the revelation,
in a way they will march over and ahead?
Nostradamus talks about at least 2 treasures, and "Hesperian citizens" (in the Garden of the Hesperides is a tree where the golden and immortality-giving apples grow, guarded by a never-sleeping, hundred-head dragon)
When hungry bonds open the temple,
the treasure that was placed here by Hesperian citizens,
will be withdrawn therein, to a secret place,
as a retaken, ravished and horrible prey in their midst!
Beware! Here are Booby Traps!
He who will open the tomb that was found,
and doesn’t close it promptly:
Evil will come to him, and one can't prove,
if it should be better to be a Breton or Norman King.
The "one who is engraved in medals (coins?) of gold and silver"... Louis XVI?
In sacred temples scandals will be perpetrated,
they will be reckoned as honors and praised.
For one who is engraved in medals of gold and silver,
the end will come in very strange torments.
There were 8 quatrains on the EVP, but there are 9 quatrains in the Centuries of Nostradamus, featuring a temple, a treasure (or secret) and - very possibly - the abbey of Orval:
Eyes closed, and opened by an antique fantasy,
the garb of monks will be put to naught,
when the Great Monarch will chastise their frenzy
and ravishing of the temples with the treasure in front.


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