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ebook city walk / city game The Angel of Mons (Belgium) - A Great War Mystery

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The Angel of Mons

Cover for 'The Angel of Mons'
By Bernauw en Borms
Published by De Scriptomanen
Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Jan. 04, 2013
Words: 5085 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301552559

Short description

A city game or walk in Mons, Belgium - with some of the greatest mysteries of the First World War. From the Angels to the Hell Hound of Mons: a World War One Experiment with Black Propaganda - or what we would call now: "PSYOPS!" The game can be played at home, with this ebook, or in the city of Mons... But above all, this "The Angel of Mons" is also a tall tale, an urban legend, a true story!

Extended description

August 1974. Richard Evans was found dead in a city park of Mons, Belgium. In his hands: a Polaroid, showing a strange hippie girl… and then, in a secret compartment in his house, his grandson discovered a series of photographs, each one containing an image of the girl in the Polaroid, dated from August 1914 to 1964. It appears that during the Great War, Richard Evans worked as an agent for the British secret service and probably was involved in experiments with "black propaganda", which eventually would lead to some of the greatest myths of the Great War - the Hell Hound and the Angels of Mons, made famous by author Arthur Machen...


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