Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Leonardo Da Vinci, Paintings & Drawings - Art ebook by Daniel Coenn

Art eBook with Foreword and Annotations by Daniel Coenn, reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci masterpieces, date and interesting facts pages:

Leonardo, like his contemporary Christopher Columbus, possessed an insatiable curiosity and desire for discovery of unknown worlds. Only observation, says many times Leonardo, is the key to knowledge and understanding.

Throughout his life Leonardo seeks to understand and control the nature. He constructed machines and original installations built bridges, dissected human bodies and trying to break into the Providence of God.

But the whole time Leonardo knows perfectly well that nature is unpredictable, and God's provision is inaccessible to the human mind.

Advanced in years Leonardo left Italy to never to return there. Younger and more modern artists, such as Raphael and Michelangelo, already outshine his fame in the homeland. His journey ended in the French town of Amboise in the Loire valley. There he received full recognition and respect from the French king.

Leonardo recent years were not easy. He suffered a stroke, which means that he lost the use of his right hand. But Leonardo tries to collect thousands of pages of notes and drawings in one large encyclopedia. Many of his ambitious plans remained incomplete.

Leonardo died in his room at Clos Luce May 2, 1519.

He could be called "Master of everything", everything that exists in the Universe, for his art and his inventions.

Leonardo can be called the Son of God.

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