Thursday, July 14, 2016

Channel to Utopia - OJOO Game App

Channeling is a modern form of spiritism or mediumship. Through automatic writing or, in my case, through "found" and "blackout poetry", a spiritual entity will enter the body of the medium, and use it to interact with other people. In 2016, I was doing some experiments with blackout channelings when, suddenly, it looked like I was receiving messages from Thomas More, who 500 year ago published his book Utopia...

Patrick Bernauw

Can you reconstruct the Puzzling Puzzles From Utopia? Find it out here!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

National Security Blackouts / Letters From an Ancient Alien

The Belgian historical mystery writer Patrick Bernauw receives "channelled" blackout poetry messages from his friend and colleague Philip Coppens (1971-2012): 

Ancient Astronaut World Conference

National Security Blackout

Messages from Atlantis

Crop Circle

Mr. Gray

Showing interest in DRAGON

Have a glimpse, a shining and Imagine:

Friday, March 27, 2015

Ysa Pastora: A True Nazi Treasure Hunt

The True Treasure Hunt 

of Ysabella Hannah Geertruida Pastora:

4 Ebooks Leading to the Nazi Gold 

and The Tears of the Wolf

Coming Soon: The Hammer of Thor.

Indeed, there is still a 25,000 $ reward waiting for the person who manages to crack the Code of the Nazi Treasure. This is what the (Dutch) publisher of Karl Hammer's book The Hunt for the Nazi Gold still is communicating: Nazi-code remains unbroken; reward raised to 25,000 dollar.

Ysa Pastora says: "As far as I know -although I might have missed something, I spend time abroad, with some regularity- a refutation is nowhere to be found. The rules have been removed though, or have at least been made impossible to retrieve. As a consequence, I, Ysabella Hannah Geertruida Pastora, solemnly demand that Karl Hammer and Publishing House Elmar make the rules public again. It so happens that I have broken the code and that in due time I will be the owner of what has come to be known as the 'nazi treasure'. However, as long as mister Hammer and/or his publisher do not create any clarity concerning the promised reward, and the conditions tied to it, I cannot possibly reveal the information I dispose of. Let it be known however, that I'm not after the gold or the diamonds of Hitler, and not after the 25,000 $ either. Just like mister Hammer I don't care one whit for any filthy lucre, I just want to see my story published, and if at all possible, made into a movie. The reward I would like to donate to the first person or persons who will manage to locate the Nazi treasure, based on my directions."

 A treasure hunter named Cyril Whistler didn't really succeed in locating the treasure, but turned his search into a book and a rockopera. And how does this Postcard Code fit into the story?