Saturday, September 04, 2010

Jeanne d'Aarc: The Great Soul

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The peasant girl who heard the voice of God, who roused a spineless prince and a cowed people, and freed her country from the conqueror’s yoke: that was Joan of Arc. The entire world knows her story, for Joan is one of world’s heroines; but the tale of Joan is one that is always worth the re-telling and here in this gallery of great lives, her example of faith and courage glows afresh in a brilliant setting.

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Jeanne D’arc: The Great Soul | Socyberty

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nostradamus, Man of Prophecies or Politics?

Here are some of the articles I wrote during the last years, and published on the web, in a Smashwords ebook. They are all about Nostradamus, and how he probably wasn't only writing prophecies, and how he went into politics, and how his prophecies still are used to go into politics. From various predictions concerning the End of the World in 2012, "the First Black President of the United States, Barack Obama", the Antichrist, to the death of French King Henry II by conspiracy, or the Nostradamus Code leading to the Bourbon War Chest, somewhere in Orval, or to the Lost Crown Prince...

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